PHOTOS: Judah & The Lion, Colony House, Tall Heights @ House of Blues 03.10.18

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Editor’s note: Nashville based ‘folk hop & roll’ outfit Judah & The Lion are the pilots of one of this young year’s hottest tours. The 2018 Going to Mars Tour, has been taking the band to venues across all of North American, achieving sellouts in several markets. Judah & the Lion are promoting their latest single, “Going to Mars,” a reworked version of a song of the same name from their 2016 album Folk Hop & Roll. The album title is pretty descriptive of the band’s sound as they mix banjos and mandolins with drum beats and hip-hop style choruses. A deluxe edition of Folk Hop & Roll was released last year, containing new tracks and reworked versions of songs.  Judah & the Lion have quickly grown into one of the more exciting live acts on the scene, touring non-stop since the release of their album.

On Saturday night we were to capture the scene as Judah & the Lion rocked the house with help from openers Colony House and Massachusetts’ own, Tall Heights, check out photos below, as well as the music video for Going to Mars and be sure to pick up a copy of Folk Hop & Roll from the band’s webstore.

Judah & the Lion – Going to Mars

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