HOT GIG ALERT: Talos with AURORA at Royale – Tonight (3/5)

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HOT GIG ALERT: Talos with AURORA at Royale – Tonight (3/5)

Irish artist Eoin French, who goes by the stage name Talos put out his second studio album just last month. Far Out Dust is the product of an artist who pushed himself out of his comfort zone on his sophomore release,  “A lot of this new record was written in transit,” he says. “Being away from the safety of my home and my studio allowed me to really take the shackles off and create in a different way. It was a terrifying feeling sometimes, but it was also really rewarding.” The album was recorded in bits and pieces in places such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik. For French, it was about going to a different place musically than his debut album Wild Alee. “I didn’t want this music to exist in the same place as the last album,” explains French. “We’d done that before, and I wanted to push things further this time. That meant learning to really trust myself as an artist in a whole new way.”

It’s something that Talos shares with Norwegian singer AURORA who also entered new territory on her latest album, including themes of sexuality and politics on Infections of a Different Kind the first part of a two-part album scheduled for completion within the next two years. Talos and AURORA are currently wrapping up a tour together in the US.

Changing the way the album was written has also lead to changes in which the songs are performed live, “Our shows became really focused on the stories we were trying to tell,” says French. “When you’re performing that much, playing your parts comes really easily. What’s a lot more difficult is learning how to tell a different story with the music every night.”

Just prior to the tour Talos debuted the music video for his single “The Light Upon Us”

Talos performs at Royale in Boston, MA tonight with AURORA and Sean McVerry at 8 pm. Tickets for the show are $25 and are available HERE

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