Album Review: Hands Like Houses’ “Dissonants”

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I am over the moon about the new Hands Like Houses record, Dissonants. This total banger of an album finally drops this Friday and has been one that I have been so ready for the masses to hear. The record has a bit more of an edgier vibe then I think we’ve seen in the past with the band and definitely a lot more synth-y feel to it but both of these moves amongst many other things the band does on this album only works perfectly. The band will break out with this album even though they already have a really dedicated fan base!

The album opens with a track we’ve known for a while from the band, I Am and it’s a banger from the moment it starts. The album definitely has a bit of a upbeat groove to it but it sounds amazing. There is great instrumental work on this record. I could really visualize how the album will look on stage. This is a group of incredibly talented musicians who make an easy transition to live performances from how the record sounds. It’s the same sound which isn’t always something that happens. In fact, it’s a bit of a rare thing but Hands Like Houses is flawless both live and on this record.

I found myself constantly bobbing my head when listening to this record. It has the clean vocals that people have grown to love from this band. The lyrics are really strong. I found myself writing some down. I was especially attracted to the words for Colourblind,  Momentary and Division Symbols.

Personal favorites off this release include I Am, Colourblind, Momentary and Motion Sickness. I love the group vocals that are super present on this record. It gives it a great anthem vibe. Overall, this is a fantastic record. A great effort from an incredibly talented band and it will definitely be on a lot of Top Ten charts this season!

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