Live: Jack Garratt and Kacy Hill//Boston//2.26

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The Sinclair in Cambridge has hosted many acts since it opened in 2012 that have gone on to massive success. It hosted Sam Smith’s first Boston show, The 1975’s first headlining show as well as Kodaline’s first headlining just to name a few. The latest name(s!) to be added to that list of icons is Jack Garratt and Kacy Hill who rocked the already legendary venue last Friday!

Jack has one US tour under his belt prior to this one where he opened for MS MR and his opener, Kacy Hill, played her first show on her first tour ever that night! Both put on veteran type performances and are sure to both break huge, with Garratt even announcing his next Boston show already. This work of beauty will take place June 15th at Royale where he opened last October!


Kacy Hill, currently signed to G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam, opened the show to a sold out audience. Her set involves a relaxed set up of three on stage and her performance was one of a true veteran yet she told the crowd that it was her first show of her first tour ever! Her nervous energy completely charmed the crowd, including shouting out, “I’m really sweaty in the back area but that’s okay!” She gives off the vibe of a true natural and has the vocal chops to match. Though her set was short with her just having the EP Bloo out right now, she absolutely slayed.


She gives off true Florence and the Machine vibes. She played a good amount of tracks, including a favorite that stood out to me in her song Arm’s Length as well as covering Donna Lewis’s I Love You Always Forever. As she got to the end of her set, she said, “I’m so happy I got to share this with you” and then left the stage. Before she did though, she started going the wrong way and just smiled through it and did a little dance as she went the right way. Her ease on stage as well as her sometimes social awkwardness completely charmed the audience and she is sure to explode!

Next up was the main act, Jack Garratt who as he came in stage simply said, “My name is Jack Garrett. I’m going to play a few songs for you this evening”. Something that makes Garratt incredibly special is something that was seen and is currently sing with fellow Brit Ed Sheeran. It’s that he sets up everything on his own. He doesn’t have a band behind him helping him. He even brought this up in his set by saying, “I’m getting too old for this shit. Why don’t I get a band like normal people?” He sets up all of his own loops, synths, everything. So while the set may not be filled with the traditional 18 or so tracks, its quality over quantity. He opened with Water which is a personal favorite lyric wise and had the crowd bobbing their heads through every minute of his set. Chemical got probably the most insane reaction of the crowd, even having the crowd clap along in unison on beat as Garratt mentioned afterwards without hesitation. This is normally something that someone else in the band attempts to call for.

He’s electrifying live. The crowd can’t help but keep their eyes off him for a second. What he does on stage is unbelievable. Weathered was another one I was really attracted too during his set. It was just a beautifully done show and ended on his single Fire. With his brand new album Phases coming out just on February 19th, Garratt is poised for greatness as his opener Kacy Hill. While the tour is short and only hits about twelve cities in America, they will both be on the top of the charts by the end of this year. These are two incredibly talented musicians who luckily are getting the exposure they deserve!

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