Album Review: Movements’ “Outgrown Things” EP

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The album starts with Kept. It’s a two and a half minute banger to start off the record. It’s over before you know it’s starting and you just don’t want to end. It is a gorgeous kick off choice and was the lead single for the band with this EP. I think I replayed the video at least five times when I first saw it and it is most definitely what piqued my interest in this incredibly talented band.

After Kept comes Nineteen which is where I really think the lyrical content starts to shine. It’s also where spoken word starts sneaking it’s way into the songs. Spoken word that will make the kids go crazy. On the first initial listen and despite never seeing this band live yet, I’m already visualizing what it would be like to see this band live. I can imagine them in tiny sweaty rooms which I’m sure they’ll experience in their run with Real Friends coming up! This band is truly poised to take over this scene. Everything is perfect about this EP and has me chomping at the bit for more music from this talented band.

The next track Worst Wishes is one of my favorites on the record. It gives Front Bottoms vibes just with a bit of a punkier vibe. Super personal lyrics and a lot about love it seems once you read through the lines.

The next one that really caught my attention right from the beginning was Vacant Here. Spoken word is a big element of this EP and it will most definitely incite some great reactions from any crowd. The last track on the Outgrown Things EP is Losing Fight. I’m absolutely charmed with this EP and it leaves me wanting a full length from this band so badly. Movements’ initial effort is something of true beauty. Personal favorites include Vacant Home, Worst Wishes and of course the one that piqued my interest in Movements, Kept. 


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