Jule Vera chats touring and plans for new music!

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During the Black Cat tour that just came to an end, we were able to catch up with the incredibly talented Jule Vera! The band is in the thick of a touring cycle that has kept them incredibly busy. With them finishing last summer’s Warped Tour with great success, they jumped into a tour right after with Against the Current and most recently found themselves with Never Shout Never. Something I love about interviewing bands year round is that it gives us an opportunity to have a real sit down with bands that peak our interest at our biggest event of the year, Warped Tour! It’s such an hectic day that we aren’t able to catch too many sets and really dedicate some quality time to an act in our interview. In the next few days, we’ll be spotlighting a lot of those bands. Warped Tour is how I pick what I want to cover truly the rest of the year.

While they haven’t released a full length yet, that only shows how well this band will do in the near future. Their killer live performance matches what we’ve heard on the record and easily impresses an audience. Find our new chat below where we talked this last year of touring as well as what to look forward to from the band within the next few months!


Obviously you guys have had a pretty crazy few months since the EP came out. You did all of Warped, you’re out now. Maybe the three things you’ve realized you must have with you while on tour?

Jake: All three tours, Emergen-C.

Ansley: Yeah, Emergen-C, Water.

William: Tape, you’re always fixing stuff.

Jake: Emergen-C definitely is a top one. You have to drink that a lot. It’s pretty easy to get sick on tour. The fall tour was really cold actually and this tour’s obviously cold. It’s a little easy to get sick when you’re living in confined spaces with seven other people. We do some wheatgrass shots. That’s always good. Have you ever had a wheatgrass shot?

No, I don’t think so!

Ansley: It tastes like grass.

Jake: Tastes like grass. You know when you’re mowing a lawn and you have all those little clips? That’s what it tastes like. When you get it, they just cut grass right from the ground in front of you, put it in a juicer and you just drink it but it makes you feel better. Gives you energy and stuff. It’s got to be good for you.


And this tour is obviously a very unique tour out with Metro Station and Never Shout Never and Waterparks who are still very new as well. Maybe how has this run been going so far considering two of these bands have been around for a very long time?

Jake: It’s been pretty awesome. I mean it’s good because most of the people haven’t seen us before or haven’t even heard of us. It’s always good to see their reaction. Even different cities react differently too. To our music and stuff. Like for certain bands, the West Coast is way better than the East coast or vice versa. So it’s really interesting to see which cities react better.


And have you been meeting a lot of fans, kind of making that fan interaction with these kids? Do you think you’re making some new fans?

Jake: Yeah, we really do. We try to do a good job with our social media and talking to people. Meeting people after the show. Even during the show, we have some crowd interaction and everything.


And I wanted to ask you, I know the record came out June 29th of last year before the first few dates of Warped Tour. Considering the EP has been out for a while, is the full length in the works for you or are you like starting to work on that? How is that going for you guys?

Ansley: Yeah, we’re working on it. We’re writing as much as we can on this tour and after tour, we have a few months before we go on another one. So we’re going to start writing.


And how do you go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, do you all bring your own ideas? Is it more collective?

Ansley: Yeah, it’s everybody. Sometimes one person will have an idea and they’ll bring it to the group. Then we’ll kind of work on it from there.

Jake: It really helps to get different perspective. It seems to me most of the time that whenever everyone is working on it, we get the best stuff because we have a much broader perspective. A lot more people thinking about the same topic. For some reason, it helps it make more sense. It makes it easier too because if you have one person writing their own it’s harder. If you have one person writing one line and another person writing another one melodically as well, it makes it diverse.


You guys have been staying pretty busy. Kind of touring a lot and I’m sure you’re a little tired at this point but maybe is there a moment that kind of stands out for you. Still being a relatively young band. Something that stands out for you from the past few months, maybe since the EP came out? Like maybe a band you played with or a group you got to work with?

Jake: One of the things would be the tour offers coming in. Warped Tour was the very first tour we went on. We met a lot of bands and we made friends with a lot of bands which was great. That helped us out. We were out with Never Shout Never on Warped Tour and now we’re on tour with them. Then we met another band that we made friends with that we’re going out on tour with. Going overseas. So it’s really cool when we get like an email or a call or something that says like hey this band wants to take you on tour.

William: I remember us being on Warped Tour being like man it would be so great if we could get on tour with Never Shout Never. We’ve been into them for a long time. They’re really good musicians.

Jake: We watched them a lot on Warped Tour for sure. We had been talking about it but I didn’t think it would happen.

William: So yeah we did a fall tour which was half the size of this then in these venues, we’re doing five hundred to a thousand. Playing bigger rooms. Then we’re shooting for even bigger rooms in like the fall and stuff. It’s really cool to be kind of working our way up.


And that must be great considering how young he was when he started doing this. I’ve been interviewing him over his past few albums and he started touring maybe seven or eight years ago.

Jake: Yeah he was like sixteen or seventeen when he started touring.


Very young, must be like an inspiration. To see him touring and succeeding.


Then maybe to end it off, you’ve already been on this run for a while. You talked about tours coming up. Going overseas even which is really exciting. Kind of what’s in the plans for Jule Vera maybe this year? Like more touring, going to try to get the record out?

Jake: We’re actually already pretty much knowing what our year is going to look like at this point. After this tour, we have two months off where we’ll just write. Then we’re doing one more tour which hasn’t been announced like we were just talking about. Overseas. Then we’re going to make our full length. Do the whole she-bang. Then hopefully we’re going to do a fall tour. Unless we do a tour in like December. Maybe we’ll do some one offs or something but yeah, that’s pretty much the whole year. So most of it is just doing work which is crazy but I’m excited about it. Yeah it’s going to be fun!

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