Album Review: “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love” by The Ready Set

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The Ready Set is never not a banger.

It’s been a minute since a new record from The Ready Set otherwise known as Jordan Witzigreuter, but I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love” is totally worth the wait. We’ve been able to grow familiar with some tracks from the album if you saw them on their recent tour with Set It Off and Tonight Alive as well as the first single, Good Enough. 

The new album opens with Disappearing Act which is one of the tracks the band played live on the run he just completed.  Jordan’s lyrics are always spot on and always create a high energy vibe. The Ready Set is youthful but he still is a youth.  There is a bit of a poppier vibe so far that has always been present but I think it’s something that took a bit of a back seat on the last record or two. I get a much happier vibe from this record. It’s very electronic but that’s how Jordan has always been. It’s a huge part of his style.

Good Enough, the third track has a bit more of a slowed down vibe. It was the first rack on the album that really got me moving in my seat. It was also the first single he released for this album.  It came out four months  before the album was released (well, it comes out tomorrow!)

The next track really caught my attention as well, Concrete. It has a really great, simple to learn, chant in the chorus spelling out Concrete. This one can easily get stuck in your head and become a jamming sing along.  Next up was the title track, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love.  It has true EDM deejay vibes.  Even with that, I could see this translating really well live.  The Ready Set’s live band has always been able to translate really well live despite the electronic elements when the band goes on the road.

I particularly liked Should We Go Downtown. Typically, from The Ready Set, I like these slower more low key songs. If The Ready Set can be considered low key.  The next track Swim was one that attracted my attention from the get go.  I really like the lyric, ‘stuck in the undertow’. This one is one of the ones that really truly stood out to me on this release.

No Love is the track on the album that Ansley Newman of Jule Vera is one. It had really good reggae vibes. The last three tracks on the album really got my attention lyrically wise. Jordan and his band are the perfect package. They are lyrically strong, put on great live performances and know how to make their songs incredibly catchy. I found myself writing down quotes from the lyrics on these last few.  The album ends on See You which is easily the slowest track on the record in rhythm but it’s an excellent cool down from an album filled with upbeat bangers. It is a gorgeous end to a beautifully done record.

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