Verite chats her new “Living” EP and upcoming headlining run!

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There is a ton of great music coming to Boston this week and a lady that’s kicking off this weekend of rock is the delightful Verite. She’ll be rocking Great Scott Thursday night along and is fresh off her new EP, “Living”. I was able to grab a few minutes with this lady last week to talk the new EP, her upcoming tour and her first music experiences! Read our interview below and make sure to make your way to the show!
You’re about to go out on your headlining run. Maybe the three things you must have with you while on tour? 
Oh gosh! Headphones for sure. I want to say books but I can’t read in the van but I try. It gets difficult for me to read but yeah music, headphones, face wipes. Just like normal things you would probably forget to pack but definitely need.

Perfect then you have steadily putting out EP’s since you started this project but he new one did just come out I believe a week ago today. Even though it’ still so new, how do you think this first week has been going? Kind of from online reaction? 
It’s been really great honestly. It’s one of those things where before I put out anything, I definitely get a little nervous but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m very thankful for it.

And how long was this EP in the making for you? We’re they all songs written particularly for Living or were some of them older? 
Most of the songs were written after the second EP. I went on a writing trip just before and there all new songs.

Do you feel the writing process still changes for you despite doing this for a while? 
It was much different for this one. I wrote with five different producers for five different songs. I think it came out as like experimentation and really trying new things and seeing what all the possibilities could be.

Perfect and then this is your first headlining run but you’ve been out and playing shows. Obviously you’ve gone on tour in the past.  Considering this will be a much longer set, maybe what is your game plan for these sets? Is it going to be a few songs from each EP, mostly focusing on the new EP? Kind of what’s your plan!
We’re doing all three EP’s. I asked a bunch of people and I was just like what would you like and everyone was very unanimous in saying that they wanted them all. So that is what we will do.

Is there something maybe that you’re most excited for on this headlining run? maybe something you’re worried about if there is anything? Maybe expectations for this run? 
I keep super low expectations. I definitely am excited to go to some cities that I’ve never been to. I’ve never been to Portland or Seattle and then revisiting the Northeast which has been really great for me.

Then a soft one for you, the first CD or first cassette you can remember getting as a kid and the first concert you can remember going to?
The first concert I went to, I don’t even know. I feel like I was playing shows before I was going to concerts. So I didn’t really go to a lot of like legitimate concerts. I feel like I definitely saw Santana at Madison Square Garden once when I was super young and I went with my dad. That might have been the first. The first CD I bought was probably “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt.

Perfect then I think just to end it off, like I said, you’re about to go out on this headlining run. Obviously the “Living” EP is so new, only a week in.  What’s going to be coming up in the next few months for you? Is it going to be more touring, do you think you’re going to be taking a bit of a break to write? Kind of what’s the plan for Verite? 
Definitely not taking a break. That being said, probably more touring eventually in the fall or early next year and a lot of writing. Really just figuring out what’s next and trying to do better from what I’m currently doing.
And is it something where you think you’ll stick with the EP route or do you think a full length is something that may happen? 
I’m not totally positive at this point. I always write with a full length in mind but I realize I always want to be smart and strategic so it might be another EP but I think time will tell on that and what’s the best step to follow.

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