Meet Austin Plaine! (Coming to Boston tomorrow night!)

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Every night in Boston this weekend, there are a million show options. Tomorrow night, you should start off a night of adventure with Austin Plaine, a insanely good singer-songwriter who will be opening it up for Kiefer Sutherland (yes, that Kiefer Sutherland). Plaine put out his debut full length in September and ever since has been breaking fans hearts on tour with his gorgeous energy. Read our new interview below and sing all the words in the crowd for me tomorrow night!

To start it off, what are the three touring essentials you must have with you while on the road? 
Netflix, audiobooks and my pillow!

You’ve been on tour with Kiefer Sutherland. How have these shows been going so far?
Shows have been going great! We’ve hit a lot of cities that I’ve never played before so it’s just nice to get out and play. A lot of people that come out to these shows have no idea what to expect from both Kiefer and myself. I think most walk away pleasantly surprised about the whole show.

Your debut record came out in September. How do you feel this record has been going over?
It’s an ongoing process. Because it was my debut, I had to rely on my friends and family to help spread the word in the beginning. Now that I’ve been touring this past year, it’s been really great to see the response from people all over the country. You can tell they genuinely enjoy the music.

How do you normally go about the songwriting process? Do you feel it still changes? 
I try and write a bit every day. Most of the time they are terrible songs but sooner or later I come across something that feels good. When that happens it’s a quick process. I think some of my best songs have been written in like a half hour. It kind of just spills out. I always start by strumming a bit on the guitar and the words follow.

For these opening sets, why should fans come early? Why should they check out these sets? 
It’s nice and intimate. I’m playing this whole tour solo. It has been fun for me to strip down all my songs and really tell the stories behind each one. I think people appreciate the honesty in the songs.

Then to finish it off, what’s coming up for Austin Plaine in the next few months? New music, more touring? 
I’m always writing music and may have something new in the works real soon. I’m really excited to get back home for a quick break to see my dog, Bear. She’s still just a pup so it’s hard being away this long. As for this summer, I have a bunch of festivals that I’m stoked about.

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