Interview: Cane Hill chats new record and Warped!

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Words by Colleen Johnson & Photos by Kelsey Lockhart

As I’ve talked about before, this year at Warped I had a mission going in. My mission was to interview all the bands that are at their breaking out point. While I did spend time with larger acts to come, I was most looking forward to sitting down with the bands I know are going to blow up. One of those acts is Cane Hill who just released their first record, “Smile”! I was able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Witt to talk the record and how their Warped experience was going so far! Read our little chat below and definitely look for the band on the road in the near future post Warped!

The record comes out in two days. Maybe how long has that record been in the making?
We recorded it back in January so it’s been like six months. I keep forgetting that it’s coming out at this point. I literally have no idea what’s going on at any point in time. Two days, got it.


Maybe for you it’s the debut record. For you, how do you guys normally go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, more collective?
James and Devin, our guitarist and drummer, usually lay down some drum tracks and then James will go in with the guitars and has. Ryan will go in and kind of put his twist on it then I do the last stuff. It’s a group effort for the most part. James is a genius and the rest of us are just there.


And maybe how has Warped Tour been going? Like I said, you are one of the bands that even other bands are talking about and fans are coming out to watch you. It’s supportive it’s a good community.
Surprisingly well. It started off rough and we’re on the small stage so it’s always kind of hit or miss I guess but our crowds have been consistently pretty good. Today we had a fucking massive crowd compared to usual. The bigger stages, they have bigger crowds and that’s fine. So when they come up to the Full Sail stage and they fucking know who you are and they’re there for you or you caught them with the quick guitar. It’s been good, it’s been good.


Obviously the record’s about to come out in two days, kind of what’s the plan for Cane Hill after you finish Warped?
After the summer, we just keep fucking touring till we die. I think we’ve got three weeks at home the rest of the year until Christmas. We tour with ICP then we go with Bullet.
That’s a nice little set up though. You went out on one of the legs with Asking right?
Yeah, we did the second half.
That’s good, getting right in the mode. Crazy with ICP, how did that come about?
I have fucking no clue. I literally have no idea how Cane Hill got on an ICP tour.
That’s a little different.
It’s a little strange.
You have to start loading up on Faygo.
Got to get one bottle of Faygo to squirt on one person in the crowd. Are you ready for tonight?!

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