Interview: Marc. E Bassy talks his roots, current tour and new music!

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I’ve interviewed every screamo/Warped Tour band you could name but what I’ve always prided myself on is getting out of my comfort zone and jumping on interview pitches to speak to acts like Miguel and G. Eazy and even most recently Somo last week. With all these acts, I sat down with them right at the breaking point. For G. Eazy, it was when “Marilyn” dropped. For Miguel, it was a few months before he won his Grammy. For Marc. E Bassy, we date back a few years to his time with his previous project 2 AM Club. As of today, he has over 141 million streams of his hit single, “You and Me”. Tonight he plays the Middle East downstairs on his first headlining run of the states!

While I may feel like a fish out of water at all these shows, it’s always artists that are an absolute pleasure to know, speak to and see perform. Hot off the drop of “You & Me” which featured G. Eazy and with his EP out, “Groovy People”, Marc E. Bassy is sure to slay. Doors are at 7:00 and opening for this incredible talent will be Elhae. We were able to do a Q&A with Bassy in ancticipation of this tour! Find me in the crowd tonight and don’t miss this small room tour before the blow up.

You’re about to head out on your first major US headlining run. If kids haven’t seen you before, what can they look forward to in these sets?
This is our first headlining tour so we’re obviously playing more songs, touching on each project I’ve released; the fans knowing every word is also a trip!

The “Groovy People” EP came out this summer. How long was that album in the making for you? Were they all songs written in particular for this project, maybe ones written for other projects?
“Groovy People” was really a project composed in a few weeks at Paramount Studios in L.A. We wanted to go for a natural sound, organic instrumentation but keep modern themes and melodies. I think we did it.

When can fans expect another EP, a full length? Do you think it will still be a while?
Being a writer first, I always have songs ready. I think we’ll let “Groovy People” have a little more shine but definitely new music before the year is out.

How did you first know USC is something you wanted to pursue as a career? Was there a defining moment for you?
I knew somewhere in my junior year at high school. I started playing in a band with kids from the jazz band, we were inspired by music that was all brand new to me; RHCP, The Roots, DMB, Incubus, I had always just listened to hip hop music, Bay Area rap. But playing live I caught the bug and that was it.

What is coming up for you post this first US headlining run? More touring, collaborations, etc.?
We’ll be touring and working on more music and visuals. It’s nonstop!

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