Live Review: Marc Broussard brought his soul vibes to The Sinclair! 1/19/2017

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Last night, I headed out to The Sinclair after a long hard day and was instantly woken up by a bearded man with a gorgeous soul voice. That man was Marc Broussard and backed up by his incredible band, he controlled the packed room. The crowd was electric and fed off the band’s energy so much.
Broussard kicked off the set with “Lucky” and from that moment on, this writer was completely mesmerized through out the whole set. I don’t think there was a moment where I wasn’t moving in some way. The combination of his lyrics with that soulful voice that he’s became famous for will make anyone swoon. The room was filled with respectful music fans that stayed in silence compared to some shows where they sing every words. Broussard and the perfect harmonies given by his band mates were enough to fill the room’s space.
Something I really enjoyed about the show was the fact that instead of having that classic dead time between songs, the band performed some great interludes and seemed to just slide into each song. There was really no dead noise besides when Broussard would interact with the crowd. In the rare dead noise moments, Broussard engaged with the audience in a storytelling mode telling such sweet sentiments from “If you have someone you can dance with pull them in close” to “Here’s a song about being a total asshole”.
As I said before, I swooned over this talented man for well over the hour that he played last night. Between playing a medley of soul covers that he did for his SOS 2 record, he treated us to songs off his upcoming record and a beautiful night full of passionate performance. Definitely catch this talented performer very soon! You can catch him next tomorrow night in Londonderry, NH at Tupelo Music Hall!

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