Interview: Meet Ryan Beaver (playing Boston on Monday!)

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I strangely prefer going out to a show on a Monday versus going out to a show on a Saturday. I think that people who come out to a show on a Monday or a Tuesday are true music lovers who aren’t just looking for a night out. This Monday, I’ll be heading to Brighton Music Hall to see an incredibly talented guy named Ryan Beaver open it up for Dan Layus. Ryan Beaver is the perfect easy listening, foot tapping soul to make you love music. The Boston date is the first date of a short run he’ll be jumping on with Dan Layus but hopefully he’ll come back around in the headlining spot sometime soon!
Read our chat below and join us in the crowd. The show goes down at Brighton Music Hall with doors at seven! Tickets are an affordable $22.

You’re about to head out on a short run with Dan Layus on the East Coast. When you go on tour, what are the three touring essentials you must have?
1) the right clothes for the climate change. 2) a book to read for the travel 3) I like to take my recording gear so I can work on songs and ideas while I’m on the road.

For people coming out to the show who haven’t seen you before/don’t know you, what can they look forward to in the set? How do you normally go about your sets, focus on new, little bit of old?
We usually mix up the set with a little of everything. New songs, old songs, and even some covers you might not expect to hear. We always have a great time playing the songs so I think the audience feels that too.

On social media, you talk about releasing new music today. Considering the last album was less then a year ago, is this a sign of a new album to come? How long have you been working on new music?
After making the last record I decided not to stop writing and recording. We keep the process going so we can have perspective on songs. It also lets me stay excited about new songs while we play the older ones live. I love the whole process and this has been my favorite way to work.

Despite having three records out, how do you feel the songwriting process still changes, if it does?
It’s always evolving and changing for me. I think the more I do it, the more I get a clearer vision of when to chase a good idea and when to let a bad idea go. It’s still a magical process for me and I love the challenge.

What is coming up within the next few months for Ryan Beaver? Really the focus for 2017?
2017… new music, new shows, and growing our great group of fans with music we are truly proud of.

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