Hot Show Alert: HNRY FLWR at Deep Thoughts in JP!

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Hot show alert, hot show alert. We can do most things but there is a rare show that always catches us off guard and one of those performances will be HNRY FLWR tomorrow at Deep Thoughts in JP, otherwise known as Jamaica Plains. Really one of the most artistic vibey areas of Boston so of course, it’s the perfect venue for a special act like this.

Their online presence doesn’t match up as much as you would expect with them in person but that’s what makes this band a no miss. We caught up with the act before their show tomorrow to talk the first date of tour and what’s to come to how their live sets work to future plans for this incredibly talented act. With the debut EP dropping just in June, only good things are surely on the horizon. Get hip to HNRY FLWR before every one else is, you won’t regret it!

The debut EP came out in June. How long was this record in the making for you? Were they all new songs, older ones?
The songs on FLOWERAMA were planted in 2013 but they didn’t blossom into a live experience until the band formed to represent the FLWR b(r)and in 2015. They were all written specifically in support of The Message.

Is the EP a good indication of a full length in the future or is that still a while away?
The EP was designed as an introduction not the HNRY FLWR—who he is, what he represents. There are sonic fundamentals that we have taken years to formulate. Those things wil certainly be present in a full length but there will be a lot of experimenting this fall to sink the FLWR roots deeper.

Currently you’re out with Ziemba. The tour started on Tuesday so still new into this tour but you’ve been steadily playing shows. How did the first date go and maybe hopes for this run?
The first date was spectacular. Otherworldly. Showtime Goma and Elisa are tremendous and we were honored to explore this world with them. We hope to bring FLOWERAMA and The Message within it to new audiences.

For fans who haven’t seen you perform live yet, how did you go about the planning of these sets? What makes a HNRY FLWR show special?
Every time we perform it can be difficult for audiences to understand that our internet presence, our brand, doesn’t necessarily represent the people within it the way they imagine. It is all just a tool to spread deep empathy. I suggest coming with an open heart and mind. Expect eye contact. As far as rock music goes, don’t expect it to be loud. Expect Athena to be present—she’s a light organ we built.

We’re coming to the end of the summer, what’s in the plans for you for the fall? Maybe the focus?
This fall brings exciting news. We’ll be disappearing into The Infinite Void to dig up new songs, new pieces of The Message. There’s flashes of the desert there, great expanses. There are new people surrounding us, new support, new musicians. We hope to bring that into and then back out of the void with us. Expect a single before the year is over.

Join us.

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