INTERVIEW: The Novel Ideas chat new record & US tour!

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The temperatures are starting to fall in Boston. Everything pumpkin is popping up. School is back in session. And it’s time for every band in the world to go on tour. One of those bands you should be watching for are Boston’s own The Novel Ideas who just released their new self titled LP today, a labor of love for over three years for the band. They played their album release show last night in Boston and are starting their US album release tour today, with a show in Richmond, VA. This album tour is sure to kick off a great fall for the band and will surely put them on the map on the nationwide scale.
As a long loved Boston favorite, while we’ll be sad to lose them for a bit, we are only so stoked for them to bring their sound to the rest of the country. We talked to the band about their new album, the release show lat night and how this band works so well together!

The new self-titled LP drops on Friday. How long has this record been in the making for the band?
The majority of the album was recorded three years ago in LA, and we have continued to rework and remix the tracks since then. While it took longer to complete then we initially planed for, we really feel like we’ve created something that sounds like us.

For this record, was there something the band did really differently when it came to making this record? Maybe something that was left field on this record and maybe something that will scream The Novel Ideas to previous fans of the band?
For this record, it was important to preserve some of the elements that have been central to our music: lots of harmonies, attention to dynamics, pedal steel guitar, etc. This album departs from our previous studio album when it comes to songwriting and arranging however. Whereas previously Daniel and Danny had handled most of the writing and instrumentation, these recordings represent us as a true group. Every aspect of these songs is a reflection of everyone’s musical instincts.

You’ll be playing your album release show tonight at Cafe 939 here in Boston. What is the plan for this show? What should fans look forward to? Will it be a full album set, mix of past material as well?
We will indeed be performing the album in its entirety! We also have a keyboardist joining us for this show, which will help us to more closely perform the songs as they are on the album.

The band has been heralded for their chemistry. When it comes to the writing, how do you approach the process as a band?
Songwriting has become a wholly collaborative process for us. While one member may write the bones of a song, the arrangements are finished with everyone’s input.

With the album release this Friday, what is in the plans for the next few months/the focus for the band?
Friday will also mark our first day on the road for our album release tour! We’ll be playing shows all across the US this fall. Stay tuned for more tour dates soon!

Photo by Danny Hoshino

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