PHOTOS: Human Sexual Response @ House of Blues 11.03.17

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It had been five years since New Wave legends Human Sexual Response came back to their home town to play a show in Boston, let’s hope it isn’t another five before they come back. Fans came from all around the country to attend this show and they weren’t let down. If you’re reading this and have no idea who they are? Think a more envelope pushing risque B-52’s meets early Blondie and catch up on their catalog. Back in their unfortunately short lived hay day between 1978-1982 they opened for acts such as U2 and Sting. The 7 members, a few also came from different parts of the US, adorned brightly colored costumes designed by founding member Dini Lamot (dressed in green.) The outfits featured unique symbols that fit each member. They perfectly matched their quirky and fun style.

While times may have changed, the energy that this band brings to the stage hasn’t. They played 20 songs that equally divided staples from each one of their two albums. Hits such as “Jackie Onassis,” “What Does Sex Mean to Me?”  Even the controversial song “Butt Fuck,” that was once the center of one of Boston Music’s most punk moments, when the band played the song on live TV much to the surprise of everyone but the band members. Another high point of their set was their fantastic cover of the Capitols’ “Cool Jerk.” Phyllis Craine, one show goer accurately described the show as “not an exercise in nostalgia.” Everyone left wanting more.

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