PHOTOS: American Football @ Royale 11.21.17

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Editor’s Note: Midwestern emo pioneers American Football were in Boston, MA last night, performing their first ever show in the market, coming 20 years after the band’s formation. The catch there however, is that the band was inactive for 14 of those 20 years. American Football formed in 1997 when the emo genre was in the midst of a major shift in style. Early 1990’s emo consisted of guitar rooted alternative rock with a slow paced, technical approach. Bands such as Weezer, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Promise Ring were among the biggest names in the genre. American Football’s style and sound was similar to that of those bands. But by the late 90’s/early 2000’s emo was shifting to a more power pop sound similar to that of Green Day. Post-hardcore music from artists such as Saves the Day was also gaining popularity and emo music was being reshaped. So in 2000, rather than changing their style and sound, American Football became a strictly ‘in-studio’ project, before ultimately deciding not to continue making music. Fast forward to 2014 when emo music was experiencing a revival and major shift back to its early 90’s tenor. New fans of the genre went back to its roots to gain and understanding of the genre’s origins. American Football’s popularity resurged and the band decided to reunite for a few live shows, which then turned into a full scale reunion and a second LP released in 2016. Still not wishing to take on a full scale touring schedule the group has been playing short runs of dates across North America visiting some cities they had not on their original run in the late 90’s. Boston got their first ever American Football live experience at a sold out Royale last night and we were there to capture some photos of the scene.

Photos – American Football, Land of Talk, Pure Bathing Culture – 11.21.17:



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