RUMOR MILL: Will Radiohead Headline Boston Calling?

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Yesterday, alt rock legends Radiohead announced a run of tour dates in South America that will take place in April of 2018. Today, Boston Calling Music Festival made an announcement about updates they have made to the festival in preperation for the 2018 Festival. Just a coincidence or are the folks at Boston Calling telling us to read between the lines?

Let’s look at some of the evidence:

As mentioned above, Radiohead have announced that they will be playing six festivals in South America in April of 2018 with the final date of that run scheduled for the Soundhearts Festival in Bogata, Columbia on April 25th. Typically, Boston Calling headliners consist of artists who have not performed in the New England market in recent years. Prior to their 2017 headline set at Boston Calling, TOOL had not played in New England since 2012. Radiohead’s last gig in the market was at Xfinity Center in May of 2012.

So far this is nothing more than pure speculation, Radiohead have not announced any other dates for 2018, but given the fact they will be on tour in South America rougly one month ahead of Boston Calling, as well as Boston Callings penchant for booking acts who  have not recently visited the area it certainly would not be a stretch of the immagination to think that a pairing of Radiohead and Boston Calling could happen, which certainly would be a win for everyone involved.

Boston Calling’s full lineup is expected sometime in late January/early February.












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