PHOTOS: Cherry Pools, Flint Eastwood, and PVRIS at The Strand in Providence, RI 02.18.18

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On Sunday the 18th, PVRIS played a splendid show at The Strand in Providence, RI, and of course, as usual they blew everyone away. In the last couple years PVRIS have become one of the most exciting bands hailing from the New England region in decades. But you already know about all that. What you may not have known however, was that PVRIS has brought along some killer support on their current tour. Colorful indie-pop outfit Cherry Pools gave us a glimpse of their talent during their recent opening set in for PVRIS in Providence. The Toronto-based four piece brought their sunny and vibrant sounds to the stage to the delight of the crowd. With only two songs currently released “Forever Young” and “Are You In Love”, Cherry Pools managed to make a splash with the audience with a blend of retro and modern influences. The band’s chromatic, sound was paired with a flashy, yet very sharp appearance. A neon sign with Cherry Pools” emblazoned in bright pink paired with a neon microphone stand emphasized the lively nature of the band, while their outfits brought about the nostalgic retro vibes of their music. Even Flint Eastwood, the other supporting act on the tour, made mention of how well dressed the boys are. Cherry Pool’s clean and defined aesthetic, along with an abundance of energy and bright, lively sound to have introduced many people to their new favorite indie-pop band.

Photos: PVRIS, Cherry Pools, Flint Eastwood @ The Strand in Providence, RI – 02.18.18:


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