PHOTOS: The Fever 333 @ Great Scott 04.01.18

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Editor’s note: On Sunday night, former Letlive frontman Jason Aalon Butler led his new band, The Fever 333 into Boston for a chaotic show at Great Scott. The Fever 333 are made of, you guessed it, 3 members –  Butler, Stephen Harrison (formerly of The Chariot) and drummer Aric Improta who is also the drummer for an instrumental prog rock band called Night Verses. All three members spent the better part of an hour going crazy on stage, jumping, and even hanging from the ceiling at times. It was loud, it was fast, it was intense, and it’s all fueled by a desire for change. The Fever 333’s music is focused on expressing the anger that American citizens feel today in the current political climate, they call their shows “Deminstrations” and they are exactly that. The show began when a curtain in front of the stage dropped to reveal Butler standing with his back to the crowd and a bag over his head like the ones that political prisoners are often made to wear. From there it was a racous time that never slowed down. We were there to capture just a portion of all the craziness that unfolded, check out our photos below.

The Fever 333 – We’re Coming In

Photos: The Fever 333 @ Great Scott – Boston, MA – 04.01.18:

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