REVIEW: Mo Lowda and the Humble treats Boston to their first full play of the new album!

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I skedaddled over to Middle East Club in Cambridge for something just a little bit different for Philly’s  Mo Lowda & The Humble I wasn’t sure what to expect at the show considering I haven’t seen the band before but I walked into a pretty much sold out performance with a crowd of people bobbing their heads to every note. The band is another band that can’t be easily fit into a box. My first impressions were that it was a jam band with some great progressive rock instrumental jams but that quickly changed within the next few tracks. Mo Lowda & The Humble slayed their set and it’s clear their still very new record, “Creatures”, is making some waves. Lead vocalist Jordan Caiola proudly proclaimed, “This is the first time we’re playing every track off the new album” to huge cheers from the crowd, which is definitely encouraging considering this show and tonight’s in Brooklyn are the official album release shows for this not too far from home band.

The new album is incredibly catchy with huge anthem verses and great lyrics. It’s clear this band has spent some time together with three albums under their belt and are only meant for big things. Their chemistry is clear on stage and the crowd was riding off of it. With the crowd singing every word, it served as the band’s interaction with the audience as they zoomed from track to track with very little actual conversation in the crowd but these are the types of sets that most music lovers and I enjoy the most.

The band ended their set with the title track of their first album, “Curse the Weather”, which was the nail in the coffin for making me fall for this band off one set. With huge anthemic choruses, great lyrics and a great energy on stage, this band impressed me for sure. Coming in, I assumed jam band and left the set realizing that Mo Lowda and the Humble are something much more then that.

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