PHOTOS: The Darkness, Diarrhea Planet @ Royale 04.22.18

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Editor’s note: On a recent Sunday Night, Boston was treated to the kind of rock & roll show that you can only get from English glam rockers, The Darkness. You might remember them for that song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” that you heard everywhere around 2003-2007, and still hear today, occasionally. But The Darkness are so much more than that, in fact, just last year they released their 5th studio album “Pinewood Smile” via Cooking Vinyl. But the live show put on by The Darkness is where you really get your money’s worth. The Boston show of the Tour de Prance was a tour de force in rock & roll music, loud guitars, bright lights, a witty frontman charming the crowd. Justin Hawkins is as good at banter as he is as singing, adding a dimension that most rock shows today fail to deliver on. Our own Matt Lambert was in attendance at the show to capture scenes from the show, including wild opening act Diarrhea Planet. Check out the photos below, and pick up a copy of Pinewood Smile today!

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Photos: The Darkness, Diarrhea Planet at Royale in Boston, MA on 04/22/18:

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