NEWS: The Night Game (AKA Martin Johnson) announces the debut record!

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It’s a long awaited announcement today but finally it’s here! The Night Game aka  Boston raised Martin Johnson has announced his debut self titled  album, which will drop September 7th on Vertigo/Interscope Records! To tease us a bit, he also dropped a new track today, “American Nights”. And it’s a complete game changer. For those who have been listening to the tracks already released by Johnson, it will come as a bit of a surprise. In a great way. The effects are minimal when it comes to the song, really mostly just focusing on Johnson’s voice as well as some great gang vocals that come in about halfway through the song!

Don’t fret though! The tracks that are familiar with fans will still be present on the record with “The Outfield”, “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” and “Once in A Lifetime”, but this new music we’re hearing from Johnson has got me hyped. With some great collaborators, guest spots and a Grammy winning producer behind the album, it’s just a recipe for success. But the songwriting is for the majority Johnson who had a major hand in the writing process for his former act Boys Like Girls as well as collaborating and producing hits for names like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Jason DeRulo!

You can pre-order the album HERE and definitely get prepped for some great ear candy!

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