LIVE REVIEW: UK’s Let’s Eat Grandma electrifies Allston!

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Mondays have always been my favorite night to be out at shows and last night was no exception with an incredible rock show at Great Scott! Great Scott has garnered a reputation of being the venue every international band has to play as their first Boston show and last night’s headlining act, Let’s Eat Grandma, is the latest to be added to that iconic list. Let’s Eat Grandma a.k.a Rosa Walton and Jenny Holllingworth, still teenagers, put out their second album earlier this year to much acclaim and its well deserved clearly with their string of sold out shows the band has had on this North American tour.
As well as Let’s Eat Grandma though, they brought along two incredible acts who call Transgressive home just like the girls do.

First up was Winnipeg’s Boniface who instantly reminded me of a younger 1975 with a little more clean cut nature to them. The four piece had the crowd bobbing their heads to every note and are just beginning to gain some traction. It was the band’s first performance in Allston and there were already some very committed fans in attendance. Their energy is palpable and had everyone smiling in the audience.

Next up was NYC’s Odetta Hartman with her “cohort” Alex Freeman as she referred to him several times. It was unclear going in to the set what to expect but the crowd was won over just like they had been for Boniface. Hartman set a scene with props, flowers surrounding her microphone stand with Freeman using trash cans, makeshift maracas and many other techniques for creating the soundscape that was the set last night. Hartman’s voice speaks for itself as she belted out huge notes and won over everyone in the crowd including me. Her and Freeman’s interactions with the audience were on point and made great vibes for the set.

To end the night was of course Norwich’s Let’s Eat Grandma who screamed perfection. The band’s performance was calculated but clearly on the girls terms. The music never stopped with minimal crowd interaction limited to clapping, a casual stage dive and a synchronized ‘thank you’ right before they left the stage. Of course right before they killed a rare Great Scott encore, with the backstage being the hallway to the bathrooms. But before we get to that, the duo as well as the assistance of a drummer, performed a shimmery, euphoric hour of edgy pop music in perfect harmony on stage. Setting up their own loops and performing in perfect synchronization, the girls mesmerized the sold out crowd last night.

A lead vocalist isn’t clear for these two as both took their turns through out the set taking the mic and apparently lead vocals for tracks but when the two sang together, that’s where the really magical moments took place. Personal standouts for me were ‘I Will Be Waiting’ and ‘Hot Pink’ but the whole night was special. It’s rare that a show is so electric, a performance that brings a crowd so together. Let’s Eat Grandma performed to what felt like a very safe space last night. A space of music lovers that all connected with an act so perfectly. The tour package itself was even all eyes on the stage through out the performance including main support Odetta Hartman jumping up on a stool right behind me multiple times to take videos, photos and to sing her heart out.

Keep your eyes peeled for all three of these talented acts off Transgressive. Last night was one of those incredible feel good nights and another reminder of why I love this community of music lovers in Boston who consistently come out and create positive experiences! It made me truly look forward to a fall filled with so many great shows! Let’s keep it going Boston!

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