LIVE REVIEW: London’s The Boxer Rebellion gives Cambridge all the feels!

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Tuesday night I set out to The Sinclair in Cambridge to see a band that I’ve always heard about and never had a chance to see but Tuesday’s set made it clear I’ve truly been missing out. Because London’s The Boxer Rebellion is a secret treasure that deserves a world of success. The band has been making music since 2001 and have been steadily releasing music since then, including the most recent record “Ghost Alive” and played a good selection off of it in the set!

Opening the set with ‘What the Fuck’ off the aforementioned album, the crowd was mesmerized within the first few notes and kept their eyes in tune to the band. The band’s energy was on point from the moment they walked on stage and that didn’t disappear for the remainder of the set. The crowd was truly a room of music lovers with the applause after each song but besides that, letting the band do all the work and not feeling the need to sing along every word.

A huge personal standout for me, and truly where I first got hooked, was only the second track into the set with ‘Big Ideas’. It was the first song too where the crowd really started bobbing their head and getting engaged. The whole vibe was so dreamy for the set, the crowd was truly swimming in euphoria. It’s clear the band will continue to keep what seemed to be their cult following and I’ll be here for the ride too.
Find their latest album available here and while they’re finishing up their current US tour, I’m sure they’ll be back sooner then later so make sure to catch them then and keep your eyes peeled!

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