REVIEW + PHOTOS: Adeline in Cambridge, MA 02.21.19

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REVIEW + PHOTOS: Adeline in Cambridge, MA 02.21.19

I’m standing in the corner fiddling with my camera. Out of the corner of my eye, a woman in platform heels throws one leg up over the stage and hops up to sound check and prepare her equipment. I think to myself how endearing this is. I realize, then, that it’s Adeline, and her reputation certainly precedes her. Front-person, bassist, songwriter, commander of the stage and people in front of it who’ve come to listen, Adeline doesn’t fall short of strong, passionate, playful, and skillful musical abilities.

Adeline brings influences from all the funk cornerstones of music, and this isn’t her first rodeo, either. Adeline has conquered Coachella Montreal Jazz Fest, Full Moon Fest, Afropunk 2016 and Rock in Rio 2017. Not to mention a not-so-little Rolling Stone shout out in their top 50 albums of the year.

Brooklyn transplant and Paris native, Adeline came to the U.S., to be seen and heard, and has done just that. In fact, she rolled the two up and is known for her style in sound in publications such as the 10 Most Stylish Women in Music.

Stream Adeline’s self-titled debut album by clicking HERE.

Photos: Adeline at The Middle East – Upstairs on 02/21/19:

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