PHOTOS: Foxing, Now Now, Daddy Issues in Boston, MA 04.27.19

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PHOTOS: Foxing, Now Now, Daddy Issues in Boston, MA 04.27.19

Editor’s note: Saturday night was a busy one in Boston. With a Bruins playoff game, rising country star Marren Morris, and several other outstanding concerts taking place within the city one could be forgiven for letting the red hot triple bill of Foxing, Now, Now, and Daddy Issues fly under their radar. At first glance, you’d probably wonder what exactly a six-member post-rock outfit has in common with an indie pop trio, and other than the fact that both Foxing and Now, Now put out impressive albums last year, the answer is not much. But that didn’t stop the show from being an all in experience. From Now, Now’s Cacie Dalager getting up close and personal with fans to Foxing leaving it all out on the stage, Saturday night’s concert at Royale was a lively one. Opening act Daddy Issues even contributed early on with a set full of emotion and honesty. Check out photos from the show below.

Purchase or stream Foxing’s latest album Nearer My God by clicking HERE.

Purchase or stream Now, Now’s latest album Saved by clicking HERE.

Photos: Foxing, Now, Now, Daddy Issues at Royale in Boston, MA on 04/27/19:

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