INTERVIEW: Mini Mansions – playing in Boston, MA tonight (06/03)

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INTERVIEW: Mini Mansions – playing in Boston, MA tonight (06/03)

Mini Mansions are the type of gang whose charm lies in their individual idiosyncrasies. A trio of partners-in-crime, best friends and brothers in all but blood, Michael Shuman, Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford’s unique personalities are reflected in their third forthcoming album Guy Walks Into A Bar

We recently sent the band some questions ahead of their upcoming show at Middle East Upstairs, here’s what they had to say:

You guys are gearing up for the release of your new album, I read recently that it’s been done for two years, why did you choose now to release it?

That’s half true, we finished it way more recently than that but for the sake of argument, we’re hustling it currently because we’ve all been temporarily MIA touring in different bands till now so this year is the first we’ve had in awhile to properly hit the ground running and give this MM release the full enchilada treatment.

What inspired the direction of the music on the new album?

we sorta all come from different angles when we write but I think for this particular record we wanted to create a much more personal experience thats really potent and direct. I don’t know what influenced that instinct though, probably just crazy life drama.

All of you have experience touring with big name bands, do you bring some of that to the table when planning a Mini Mansions show? Or do you treat it entirely different and go back to basics?

It’s always been treated separately but I think we’re just better performers now from playing in those affiliated circuses, so I guess yes and no.

Is the music on Guy Walks into A Bar… different from your recent EP release? Or more of a Preface?

They’re both in the same world but the LP’s got a lot more jokes. And Jon Theodore.

What sets your new album apart from your older ones?

I think This records a lot more raw than our previous works, which has something to do with Jon Theodore on deck. Not to say that the scope isnt just as zany and vast as The Great Pretenders, it’s just more focused on human misadventures and less fixated on invisible objects.

How did you come about working with Alison Mosshart on “Hey Lover?”

We wrote the song as a duet and she was at the top of our Rolodex, her mythos and voice just really made sense for that particular piece, I don’t think anyone else would’ve really fit in the same way. Plus it helped that she loved the song.

Mini Mansions perform at Middle East Upstairs on Monday, June 3rd at 7pm tickets start at $15 and are available HERE.

Featured image by Brian Tamborello and Lo Nguyen 

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