PHOTOS: Kim Petras, Mazurbate in Cambridge, MA (06.18.19)

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PHOTOS: Kim Petras, Mazurbate in Cambridge, MA (06.18.19)

Editor’s note: If it seems like Kim Petras is everywhere these days, that’s because she is. The German pop singer has been releasing one single a week from her upcoming collection of songs, Clarity. It all drops next Friday (June 28th) and her most recent single, “Another One” is the ninth from the twelve song selection. In an era where the way music is consumed changes constantly, Petras is getting a jump on what may be the future of music promotion. If there were any question as to whether or not it’s work, one need only look outside The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday night to see how much Petras’ popularity is rising. With a pre-show line stretching around the block and second market tickets selling for over $100, Petras played a packed to the gills show. Our own Kristen Higgins was on hand to capture some images from the gig including a couple snaps of opening act Mazurbate, check them out below.

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Photos: Kim Petras, Mazurbate at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on 06.18.19:

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