HOT GIG ALERT: The Hunna hit Paradise Rock Club with Barns Courtney tonight (9/10)

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HOT GIG ALERT: The Hunna hit Paradise Rock Club with Barns Courtney tonight (9/10)

Tonight in Boston is an insane night for rock and roll be it The Appleseed Cast at Great Scott to Jack White and his pals in the Raconteurs At House of Blues. But the show we’ll be at, and the one we think you should be at too are UK wunderkinds The Hunna and Barns Courtney!

With Barns’ latest full length “404” dropping just this past Friday and The Hunna not having been in the states for almost a year and a half, it’s sure to be a real treat. Being Barns’ largest headlining tour to date, it’s the perfect platform for The Hunna to connect with new fans yet I’m sure there is quite a bit of crossover.

When I talked to the band about their approach for these sets, it was clear these US dates have been well anticipated. The band unfortunately had to cancel their own headliner last Fall due to some Visa issues late in the game and are clearly chomping at the bit to be back in the game. “It has been a while and longer than we had wanted but we’re back with a bang! We have two new tracks in the set and new interludes that make a jam packed forty minute set. We play our fans favourite songs in the set mixed with new material. So it’s a refreshing high energy set with lots of ripping on stage.”

Speaking of new material, the band recently released their first track since the release of their sophomore album “Dare” with “IGHTF” which is a clear departure from the bands previous music catalogue. When asked to hear a little bit about the story behind the song, the band blew the door open on it. “Everyone in life at some point has someone/done something or experienced something that they’d prefer to forget. Sometimes it’s hard to do that. ‘IGHTF’ is basically about our process trying to forget the biggest and darkest ordeal that we’ve faced so far as a band, which was us falling  victim to the industry and a dirty, dirty man. We found out a lot of awful things that were going on with our label and for a long time, we were almost held hostage. This is the first song we wrote after we broke free. We’ve already had people say how they can relate to it in one way or another with their own experience. And putting it behind us so it’s amazing how some fans are already singing and feeling the same”.

Building on the momentum this song is giving the band, they will be making their third album this fall with the very recognizable name, John Feldmann who has produced everyone from All Time Low  to 5 Seconds of Summer. “After this tour we are recording the third album in LA with John which we can’t wait for. We will drop singles later this year and next year and moving into 2020 we will be doing a headline world tour for the third album campaign which we’re super stoked about!”

Catch these buzzy dudes opening it up at approximately at 8:00 pm tonight with doors at seven! Tickets are still available but they’re sure to be limited so pick yours up stat! I always say how lucky we are to get to have UK acts play rooms sometimes in the US that I’m sure are far in their past back home so let’s enjoy it while we can! $25 is a great deal for getting to see both acts, who have both been on our radar since interviewing them, for Barns at his first Boston show and for Hunna, their first American show ever. See you there!

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