PHOTOS: iyla, YaSi in Cambridge, MA

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PHOTOS: iyla, YaSi in Cambridge, MA

Editor’s Note: Twenty six year old Los Angeles based singer iyla is one of those artists whose genre is pretty hard to pin down. There’s some elements of hip hop, R&B, pop and more in there, so call it what you want but whatever that is, it’s infectious. She’s already been named one of YouTube Music’s Foundry Artists for the year 2019 and looks poised for a big breakout year in 2020. On Saturday night she stopped at SONIA in Cambridge, MA for a headline gig showcasing her vocal prowess and big beats. We were on hand to capture some of the magic in photos that you can now check out below along with some snaps of opening act YaSi.

Purchase or stream iyla’s sophomore EP Other Ways to Vent by clicking HERE.

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