New Music Monday: Charming Liars release new banger “Blame”

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New Music Monday: Charming Liars release new banger “Blame”

Charming Liars, LA transplants from the UK, recently released their second single of 2020, the incredibly dance-y and heartfelt “Blame”. “Blame” joins “Golden State” as the two singles released this year for the band, after they released their debut album, “Thought, Flesh and Bone” just over a year ago on March 1st, 2019.  With the current state of the music industry, it’s not surprising that the band is already releasing new singles and we’re here for it. We’re seeing so much more often these days, not just because we’re in this new Covid-19 era, but in general bands are breaking the rules we’ve seen before of an album every two years, tour that album for two years straight and then go right back into the studio. 


The guys in Charming Liars are exposing a serious departure from the debut record, which seemed to teeter  more into an industrial vibe while the new single seems a lot more stripped back. It’s still very intricate and had me thinking of immediate summer jam vibes. It’s a track that I was already picturing how it would appear live, flourishing in a club show. It’s one that will appeal to late teens to forties. It easily can make it’s mainstream moves but still retain that indie coolness. It starts out super dance-y and then gets you hooked on the lyrical content which is something I always found myself writing down. Be it ‘our hearts were so young’ to the change as the song progresses between ‘You always had a thing for James Dean’ to ‘I’ll be your James Dean’. 

With a song title like “Blame”, the ideas that the song title brought to mind personally differs drastically from what I imagined it to be. The subject material is so creatively presented and that is mirrored in the insane video the band put together for this song. If it’s any indication of what’s to come from the band, we’re here for it, and actually will be asking some questions of the guys which we should have up later this week! For now, let these new tracks hold you over. We’re just trying to help beef up your quarantine soundtrack over here the best we can in this trying time! 

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