Album Review: Asking Alexandria release their sixth full length, “Like A House on Fire”

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Album Review: Asking Alexandria release their sixth full length, “Like A House on Fire”

(photo credit: Sanjay Parikh)

I keep preaching it but we all know the state of the music industry right now is so uncertain, but one thing that’s for certain still, is that bands more than ever are putting out beautifully crushing albums. And it’s helping that pain quite a bit. Next up are easily some of the biggest road dogs in the game with Asking Alexandria who were poised to be touring the US, coming to Boston May 23rd, on a huge US run in support of their sixth album. The tour clearly was postponed but that didn’t slow them down when it came to being on the top of their game. Their sixth album, “Like a House on Fire”, hits shelves tomorrow and their fans both old and new are in for a real treat. 

With the band dropping the new album tomorrow, it’s going to be a total game-changer for the long time successful act. Their most recently released single, “House on Fire”, screamed opening track and I was glad to see it take that spot. It has a huge slow build that will make for the perfect set opener, has the heaviness but then also has the grittiness that lead vocalist Danny Worsnop’s vocals have become. Following it up, you’ll find four of the five singles  that had been previously released for the band  (joining “House on Fire,” “Antisocialist”, “Down To Hell”, and “They Don’t Know What We Want”) but then you dive into a whole world of new. With an intense fifteen tracks on the album, the record takes you for a wild ride. Be it the slowed down grit filled country even feel vibes of “I Don’t Need You” with possible guest vocals in there to way more focus on the instruments and their respective players so much more. Be it tunes like “One Turns to None” to “All Due Respect”


“Like a House on Fire” is a huge game-changer for the band in a great way. It showcases what fans have grown to love with Asking Alexandria but this record shows the band’s clear growth and maturity as a band. It still has the hard hitting tunes but with a clear grittiness to it and no fear in attempting to shed their Warped tour skins of the past and become a heavy hitter in mainstream rock. It’s an album that allows each member’s talent to truly shine through. Something that was huge for me for this record came down to the video for “House on Fire” that dropped earlier this week.  I’m sure a flashy video may have been more of what the band had in mind but with Covid-19 and the idea of self isolation, the band clearly had to change things up. And I think it makes the video shine even more for the band because of the fact that they had to be on their own and it illustrates their pure individual talents throughout and shines a beautiful light on it.

Overall, what we’ve gotten to hear so far from the band in the social media content they’ve been doing, the art behind their music videos released so far and the general new turn these new tracks are showing, the album is sure to be a smash. It still screams what Asking fans have grown to love but now that we’re seeing a bit more of Wornsop’s grittiness and you know this whole thing called growing older, it is a clear growth for the band and something they should be incredibly proud of. 

Pre-order the album here and make sure to check out the killer videos the band has been producing for this record!


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