EP Review: American Authors release their new EP “Counting Down” tomorrow

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EP Review: American Authors release their new EP “Counting Down” tomorrow

The new EP, “Counting Down” from rockers American Authors hits tomorrow, and it’s something that will continue to push the group’s career in an even bigger, more fiery way. The band’s career so far can only be defined as a hits parade. Be it the EDM fueled “Deep Water” to the feel-good anthem, “Best Day of My Life,” the band may wear many hats, but it’s something they excel at versus spreading themselves too thin. 

“Counting Down” serves as the band’s first release since their album “Seasons” in 2019, and it is most definitely the wild ride you would expect it to be. Be it when the opening track “Brick by Brick” quite literally hits you like a sonic brick (be sure to turn your volume down, I’m warning you). To the Spanish flavor in “Microphone,” the band has put together an eclectic yet still fluid 17 minutes for you in these quarantine times. 


It may seem a little all over the place, but it’s no secret that that’s not a problem or a weakness for American Authors. The group has been a unit for well over a decade after meeting at Berklee School of Music. Shining through is their obvious musical talent and ability to master many different genres of music. You see it in the new EP on the power ballad that is the title track, “Counting Down,” and the album closer, “Best I Can,” two beautiful love songs to the aforementioned “Microphone.” The danciest moment I’ve had in quarantine, the track is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser live. It runs at what seems like a million beats per minute, and it’s one I can already picture live. 

I think we’re finally at the time where our ears are going to start getting some incredible collaborations, new tunes, as your favorite artists have used their craft as therapy in quarantine. Just as I’ve used continuing to cover music as my own armor, treat yourself to this incredible EP tomorrow and support music the best you can right now as we all fight this journey together!

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