Hot (Stream) Show Alert: Manchester Orchestra present “A Black Mile to the Surface: The Global Concert Film”

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Hot (Stream) Show Alert: Manchester Orchestra present “A Black Mile to the Surface: The Global Concert Film”

There are live shows and then there are Manchester Orchestra live shows. An energy that can never be replicated and one that New England has been able to witness for years and in plentiful amounts. Be it a crowd of thousands at their Boston Calling performance in 2018 where it was a sea of mesmerizing head bobbing and huge guitar riffs. Or their intimate performance at the Worcester Palladium with the cover art of their latest album, “A Black Mile to the Surface” hanging in the background. To their co-headlining run with The Front Bottoms at Tsongas Arena in Lowell, the biggest indoor venue they’ve headlined in New England. The performances cannot be mimicked and have been sorely missed in these times where live shows in person have been off the table. 

As we reach into 2021, and hopefully the light at the end of this harrowing tunnel, Manchester Orchestra is giving fans a dose of therapy this Friday, debuting “A Black Mile to the Surface: The Global Concert Film”. The band played the album through its entirety at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC, and will be debuting it for free through their Youtube channel at 8 PM EST/5 PM  PST tomorrow. The band has spent the last several years up until the pandemic hit touring relentlessly and thus perfecting these tunes, including one of the highest-ranking tracks in their career, The Gold, and it’s sure to be a true treat. 

In regards to the performance, frontman Andy Hull had this to say, “This album and your reception to it has exceeded our expectations, and we felt this the best way to thank you all for supporting our music. This feels like the perfect way to close the Black Mile chapter, and I’m excited to say that this is more than just a concert. It’s also the beginning.’ A beginning of new music, more performances to come? It is sure to awaken supporters’ spirits a bit. And the film experience will allow fans to connect with a band that has been surely sorely missed. Before Friday’s debut tomorrow night, the band will be participating in a Brooklyn Vegan sponsored virtual meet and greet where fans will be able to ask questions with a similar conversation with different moderators the next day where the band will be doing an encore stream via their Facebook. 

In a time where bands are quickly pivoting and creating Livestream/performance experiences in a time never had to be dealt with before, Manchester Orchestra is sure to be about to blow away the bar that has been set for still connecting with fans in these difficult times for everyone. Hope to see you there!

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