Hot Show Alert (Tonight!): Everclear kicks off the Summerland 2021 tour in Boston tonight

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Hot Show Alert (Tonight!): Everclear kicks off the Summerland 2021 tour in Boston tonight

“This is going to be a fun, really fun rock and roll tour for sure,” words shared by Everclear frontman Art Alexakis when I spoke to him last week, and words I’m sure every band would share right now. Easily the biggest show to come to Boston since the pandemic, fans are sure to rejoice tonight over heading back to the iconic House of Blues for the first show of the 2021 Summerland tour. With a lineup headlined by Everclear and filled to the brim with legends like Living Colour, Wheatus, and Hoobastank, it’s going to be a great way to slowly slide back into things. 

The packed lineup of Summerland 2021  is kicking off tonight, something that is only possible because of the governor moving up his reopening and it’s sure to be a blissful return for this music-loving city. The bands are just as excited to play these shows as the fans are to be attending. Especially when it comes to having Living Colour on the tour according to Alexakis. Said Alexakis, “It’s a big deal to be playing with Living Colour. I guarantee every night there’s going to be guys from all the bands, old middle-aged guys in bands on the side of the stage air-guitaring”. 

Alexakis spoke about the band highly but also on how well the band would fit into a tour where Alexakis imagined Summerland to be “ like a radio tour where you have bands go up, play their new single, fan favorites, and then swoosh, it’s done. That’s the type of show fans want.” This year’s run of the Summerland tour is without question one of the earliest tours the states are going to see with many flocking to follow within just a few weeks, but those bands that are out earliest? The bands who toured relentlessly, have never stopped, and of course, thus that fact, are the ones that are fiery to come back. Alexakis spoke of that model with me, “All these bands, they still tour, they still play, they still make records. And we keep to that. Because a lot of bands sit around, play golf, wait for their mailbox money, and then the funeral and that’s it. And I didn’t want that.”

But touring post-pandemic in a safe way is something that is on everyone’s minds. Everclear in Alexakis’s words have always come out after their shows, take photos with fans,  hear peoples’  stories, but in a post-pandemic world, one that is still dealing with Covid, that opportunity? Not as easy and while the band does want to get back to that, the topic of vaccination is definitely on the table. “That’s going to have to change. I would be okay with saying no one can be part of the meet & greets without being vaccinated,” when it comes to everything from M&G’s to being backstage. 

All that said, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A rock show is to be had tonight, wash your hands, and don’t miss out on the first big return to live music in one of the most loved rock cities of Boston tonight. Doors open at 6:30, with the big show being kicked off with Wheatus at 8. Tickets are still available for tonight and the remaining dates here and make sure you check out House of Blues’ new Safety Guidelines before you head out to the show! Let’s all be teenage dirtbags together in the words of Wheatus for a night we are sure not to forget anytime soon! 

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