Grayscale announces US Fall Headline Run

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Grayscale announces US Fall Headline Run

Count on Philly’s Grayscale, as veteran road-dogs, to announce their fall headliner while currently being on the Sad Summer tour, and the buzz is clear that fans are already all for it! Pre-Covid, the band built a reputation on being a pretty much constant touring act, with four show stops alone in Massachusetts the year before the pandemic. The band will be hitting the road in November through early December with support from girlfriends, Cemetary Sun, and Young Culture! The tour will hit fresh off the release of the band’s recently announced third full-length album, “Umbra”, and after completing a run on the Sad Summer Fest. 

If the two singles released so far, Dirty Bombs, and Babylon (Say it to My Face), are any indication of what’s to come on “Umbra”, it’s clear. The band has been one to always progress, to never make the same album twice and it’s why they’ve grown such a dedicated fan base. The energy is the refining and building on a sound fans have seen from Grayscale and one that is sure to resonate with both old and new fans. Dirty Bombs brings to mind some of the early 1975 days as well as a glimmer of The Maine but the band puts their own gritty spin on it. The lyrics from Grayscale have never shied away from emotional honesty and it is sure to translate well into the live show atmosphere. It’s going to be a treat to see the band road-test the new singles and build up a buzz that will make for a great return to the headline position in the fall. 

In a stacked Sad Summer lineup, the run the band currently finds itself on, the band is seemingly already making their presence known and is a great fit for a touring festival that is just in its second year of existence. This after having the pandemic of course push the tour back twice. The band will hit Worcester with the tour on September 4th and while a headlining date hasn’t been announced just yet in Massachusetts, it’s something that is sure to come before we know it. For now, you can still pick up tickets to Sad Summer here, as well as pre-order tickets for their fall tour here. Pre-orders are available for Umbra as well!

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