PHOTOS: 311, Iration, Iya Terra in Boston, MA (08.28.21)

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PHOTOS: 311, Iration, Iya Terra in Boston, MA (08.28.21)

Editor’s Note: Anytime 311 comes to town it’s a big event. The Nebraska based quintet whose lineup has remained unchanged since 1992 has built up one of the most loyal fan bases of any band on the road today. In the hours approaching Saturday night’s show, tickets on secondary market sites were selling for north of $100 just to get in the door. While inside, fans who had tickets flocked to the merch table by the dozens hoping to score one of the city specific limited gig posters for sale. By the time 311 took the stage Leader Bank Pavilion was close to full capacity as fans tried to dodge passing rain storms. Enthusiastic fans, most of whom appeared to be very thankful to live in a state with legalized marijuana, sung along, danced along, and enjoyed the sounds and visuals from 311’s vibrant show. Check out photos below from their set along with openers Iration and Iya Terra.

311’s tour continues through October 17th, dates and tickets are available HERE.

Photos: 311, Iration, Iya Terra at Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston, MA on August 28th, 2021:

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