Boston’s Spencer LaJoye shares powerful single “House Fires” from forthcoming EP

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Boston’s Spencer LaJoye shares powerful single “House Fires” from forthcoming EP

Boston-based singer/songwriter Spencer LaJoye has announced their forthcoming EP Remember The Oxygen with the release of powerful lead single “House Fires.”

“Reclaiming myself as a nonbinary person was about so much more than gender.,” LaJoye explains of the song. “To summon up the resolve to say ‘these boxes aren’t for me,’ I also had to say, ‘these relationships aren’t for me, these systems aren’t for me, this people-pleasing disposition is not for me.’ Ultimately, on the other side of all of that going up in flames, I found clarity and peace…and I’m still settling into who I am.”

Born one of eight in a family of musicians in rural Southwest Michigan, LaJoye picked up a violin at the age of five, and pursued classical music until college, when they swapped their bow for a pen. They wrote their first EP as a closeted LGBT youth in a historically conservative Christian college while pursuing a degree in theology.

This fall, LaJoye will release their new four-track EP, Remember The Oxygen, written before, during, and following their coming out as trans/gender non-binary. The songs document them becoming themselves, a journey that involved just as much looking to the past as it did moving towards the future. “As it turns out, I knew who I was from the very beginning,” says LaJoye. “I knew how to breathe all along. To re-becoming myself. I just had to let some things burn, let some things hurt, and finally, remember my own oxygen.”

Image credit: Hannah LaJoye

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