Hot Gig Alert: Angels & Airwaves at House of Blues (10/20)

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Hot Gig Alert: Angels & Airwaves at House of Blues (10/20)

In 2005, when Tom DeLonge’s then-band Blink 182 went on a hiatus, he formed a high concept art project dubbed Angels & Airwaves. Now, more than 15 years later, California based band consisting of DeLonge, Ilan Rubin, David Kennedy, and Matt Rubano. They are currently touring the world promoting their sixth studio album LIFEFORMS, which came out in September.

LIFEFORMS is as adventurous as it is thoughtful, both in its sonics and subject matter. It’s a stepping-stone for Angels & Airwaves to have far deeper and wider conversations about that which we yet do not know. When DeLonge was a child, he was fascinated by conspiracy theories but, as he got older, he discovered more and more of the topics he was drawn to contained enormous amounts of truth. “Even though we like to think we do, in my experience, we don’t know everything,” he says.

Tom says LIFEFORMS was the most difficult album he’s ever made, but he is now confident in the exploration it took to create it.

Angels & Airwaves play House Of Blues alongside Bad Suns, and My Kid Brother. Doors are at 6:30pm, and a vaccination card or negative COVID test is required to enter. For tickets and full details on COVID-19 protocols click HERE.

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