PHOTOS: The Shivas, Moxie in Cambridge, MA (10.19.21)

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PHOTOS: The Shivas, Moxie in Cambridge, MA (10.19.21)

Editor’s note: For some bands the pandemic dealt a harder blow than it did to others, other-Portland based group The Shivas were one of them. With an underground following that is built up mainly by touring The Shivas were gutted by the pause on live shows. They’ve managed to carve out a 15 year career with their live shows and selling CDs out of a van, so they were eager to get back on the road as soon as possible. They recently were at Middle East Upstairs with support from Moxie. Alexandra Santos was in the room with her camera, you can check out her shots below:

Photos: The Shivas, Moxie at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA on October 19th, 2021:

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