PHOTOS: Angels & Airwaves, Bad Suns in Boston, MA (10.20.21)

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PHOTOS: Angels & Airwaves, Bad Suns in Boston, MA (10.20.21)

Editor’s note: Tom DeLonge’s Angels & Airwaves capped off a chaotic three days on Lansdowne St. With three concerts at House of Blues and three Red Sox playoff games at Fenway Park, one of Boston’s most iconic streets was one of Boston’s busiest last week. Angels & Airwaves punctuated the action while playing tracks from their new album, Lifeforms. The album and tour are a victory lap of sorts for DeLonge who played an integral part in the United States government acknowledging and declassifying reports on UFOs. For many years DeLonge was mocked for leaving Blink 182, one of the biggest bands of their generation to pursue evidence of life on other planets. While we still haven’t exactly confirmed anything quite that dramatic, the fact that Delonge played even a small role in the Pentagon’s UFO report is massive. It is among the topics visited on the new album which is out now. Opening for AvA on this tour is Arizona’s Bad Suns who are gearing up to release a new record of their own in early 2022. Kelsey Lockhart battled the massive Fenway area crowds to get some visual evidence of the show, check out her work below.

To purchase Angels & Airwaves’ new album Lifeforms click HERE.

Photos: Angels & Airwaves, Bad Suns at House of Blues in Boston, MA on October 20th, 2021:

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