PHOTOS: Letters to Cleo, Charly Bliss in Boston, MA (11.20.21)

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PHOTOS: Letters to Cleo, Charly Bliss in Boston, MA (11.20.21)

Editor’s note: Since 2016 local legends Letters to Cleo have made it a point to play Paradise Rock Club every November (with the obvious exception of 2020). Originally beginning with a single show, the annual residency expanded to multiple nights in 2017, this past Saturday night the tradition continued as the band played the second of two shows. Formed in 1990, Letters to Cleo enjoyed national success until their split in 2000. After occasional reunions in 2008, 2009, and 2014 the group reunited fully in 2016 and have since released two new EPs. Matt Lambert was at Saturday night’s show snapping some pics of the gig, including openers Charly Bliss. Check those out now.

Photos: Letters to Cleo, Charly Bliss at Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA on Saturday, November 20th, 2021:

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