PHOTOS: Winnetka Bowling League, GAYLE in Boston, MA (11.29.21)

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PHOTOS: Winnetka Bowling League, GAYLE in Boston, MA (11.29.21)

Los Angeles-based indie-pop band Winnetka Bowling League found themselves in a bit of a predicament as they were set to begin their current tour, as they parted ways with their bassist shortly before the tour began. So they did what any band would do, brought along cardboard cutouts of Vin Diesel and Edward Cullen to round out their four-piece band onstage. The group are out on tour drumming up interest for their upcoming EP pulp currently slated for release before year’s end. Supporting Winnetka Bowling League on the current run is viral sensation GAYLE who’s single “abcdefu” is currently at over 135 million streams worldwide after blowing up on TikTok. The 17-year-old, Nashville-based singer endeared herself to the crowd by explaining a little bit about each of her songs before playing them, as well as cracking a few good dad jokes. New England Sounds was on hand to catch both acts, and you can check out pictures from the sets below.

Pre-save Winnetka Bowling League’s upcoming EP pulp HERE.

Check out the official music video for GALYE’s viral single “abcdefu” HERE.

Photos: Winnetka Bowling League, GAYLE at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on November 29th, 2021:

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