Sum 41 + More: The Best Music For an Online Poker Night

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Sum 41 + More: The Best Music For an Online Poker Night

Music is the perfect accompaniment to many of the best things in life; from a good meal to going for a run, from an evening on the couch to a night around the poker table with friends.

Finding the right music can elevate any activity; studies show that it can even impact how we eat, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The right song or playlist can turn the mundane into the extraordinary. One pastime experiencing a resurgence is poker, with lots of people getting back into playing the game together. With lockdown restrictions lifting and the World Series of Poker returning to television on after a break in 2020, this is the perfect time to get back into poker or to try it for the first time. Whether you look to play in person or online, there are more opportunities to get involved than ever before and if you do, you’ll need music to accompany it.

Online poker has become especially popular over the past few years with casinos closing their doors due to the pandemic. It doesn’t require anything more than a stable internet connection and a computer that can handle the game. Whilst reports that no New England states have legalized online poker, there is scope for it in Connecticut. The reason there are no providers is the relatively small market, but as more states adopt legislation, it is likely you’ll be able to indulge in one, if not more, states within our region.

If you want to give online poker a go, you will probably want to put together a playlist to listen to while you play. Ultimately, it is a solitary hobby, so the choice of tunes is up to you. But what music should you listen to? You’ll want to pick songs and artists that you like but aren’t distracting or that don’t require your complete concentration to enjoy. Here are a few of our top picks for songs that will fit the bill.

In Too Deep by Sum 41:

This pop-punk band has been on the scene for more than 20 years. This is the second single from their breakout album and is the perfect accompaniment for a night of online poker. The simple but catchy chorus is perfect for keeping you focused on the task at hand while still being fun to sing along to when you’ve folded a hand. We’ve talked about how Sum 41 is still going strong more than two decades after they burst onto the scene, but this is still one of the most loved and most fun songs.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers:

Whether you’re a country fan or not, this is the perfect song for a poker night. This song was such a big hit for Kenny Rogers that it spawned a TV series about the character and became his signature number at concerts for the rest of his career. The song itself is filled with great advice, not just at the table but in life. It is an all-time classic among poker fans for all the best reasons. The Gambler is a great addition to your online poker playlist.

Desperado by The Eagles:

Between lyrics filled with poker imagery, such as “You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet”, and a slow, deliberate cadence that urges calm, this is a great song to accompany a hot streak. You never want to get too carried away.

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