Boston’s Paper Tigers go to space in music video for “Ursa Minor”

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Boston’s Paper Tigers go to space in music video for “Ursa Minor”

You’re only as good as the company you keep – and that’s a lesson both for everyone here on Earth and those who travel off into space. It’s also a central theme in Paper Tigers’ new music video for “Ursa Minor,” a spectacular DIY visual that debuted today.

The “Ursa Minor” music video, filmed around the Allston/Brighton neighborhood of Boston, is the latest creative effort from Paper Tigers, who will be performing live at Boston Calling Music Festival this Memorial Day weekend. The track is taken from the quartet’s third EP, last fall’s A Schism Cataclysm, which helped position Paper Tigers as one of the area’s most exciting new bands.

Paper Tigers were formed and built upon a DIY ethos, and the video reflects that energy. The spaceship interiors and press scenes were filmed at the band’s practice space at The Sound Museum, currently in the news for its longtime building’s imminent demolition, and the training and exercise montage was filmed at drummer Cutty’s nearby apartment. The outdoor scenes, including the dramatic crash landing, were filmed at Allston’s famed Ringer Park.

“The video was enormously fun to shoot, and also a ton of work,” the band admits. “We built all the props, filmed and produced the video ourselves. The press conference scenes were especially fun to put together. We were very fortunate to get some help from Boston local artists Little Fuss and Hannah Schzde, as well as support from some close friends of the band. We also edited the video ourselves which turned out to be an insane challenge. None of us had ever worked with green screen, CGI, or mask animation until this video. There was a massive learning curve and literally hundreds of hours invested into the editing process.”

Speaking about their passion for live shows the band offers: “A great rock show is never about just one performance – it’s about the overall vibe that multiple bands contribute to make the night amazing. We’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to select nearly every band we’re playing with this year, leading up to Boston Calling. The bands on our bills are some of the best in the Boston and surrounding regional scenes, and we’re proud to have partnered with them. It’s that connection that makes us all better, brings us all forward, and will highlight the local Boston scene as one of the best in the country.”
It’s all about that company you keep.

For Paper Tigers’ currently scheduled live shows visit their official website.

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