PHOTOS: Yungblud, Palaye Royale, Charlotte Sands in Boston, MA (02.09.22)

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PHOTOS: Yungblud, Palaye Royale, Charlotte Sands in Boston, MA (02.09.22)

We’ve been singing the praises of Britain’s Yungblud since the days of his eponymous EP. Now it seems that the rest of the world has caught on as the youngster from Doncaster has exploded onto the international stage. His 2020 album Weird! went No. 1 in the UK and cracked the top 100  in the US becoming his first LP to land on US charts. After postponing his US tour a couple of times during the pandemic, he has finally made his way to the US hungry to deliver a memorable show for his North American fans.  Between filming a music video in Los Angeles and playing a pop up concert in NYC’s Washington Square Park, Yungblud is taking the US by storm and making headlines around nearly every tour stop. Last week he took on Boston’s House of Blues both inside and outside. He was supported by Canadian-American glam rockers Palaye Royale and Massachusetts native Charlotte Sands who had several family members present at last Wednesday’s show. Check out our gallery below.

Photos: Yungblud, Palaye Royale, Charlotte Sands at House of Blues in Boston, MA on February 9th, 2022:

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