PHOTOS: Hovvdy, Molly Parden in Cambridge, MA (04.29.22)

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PHOTOS: Hovvdy, Molly Parden in Cambridge, MA (04.29.22)

Editor’s note: Texas indie-pop duo Hovvdy (yes, it’s pronounced “howdy”) released their fourth studio album, True Love, in October 2021. True Love sees the band getting back to their roots of dreamy, upbeat bedroom pop that has crafted them a solid underground fan base. Their first release with Grand Jury Music the record has performed well and met with positive reactions from today’s taste makers. Hovvdy recently made two stops in New England and David Martinez caught up with the tour in the latter of the two shows in Cambridge, MA. Check out his shots below.

Listen to Hovvdy’s new album True Love – HERE.

Photos: Hovvdy, Molly Parden at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on April 29th, 2022:

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