South Shore Naitve Jordan Armstong Debuts New Single, “Even If”

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South Shore Naitve Jordan Armstong Debuts New Single, “Even If”

Born and raised in a small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Jordan Armstrong grew up in the same community as her parents with a large, extended family was always nearby. She often refers to her aunts, uncles and cousins as extra sets of parents and siblings. The youngest of three kids, she grew up trying to catch up quickly so she could hang with her older siblings and cousins. Her experience coming of age in such an environment reveals itself in almost every song she writes.

Armstrong recently graduated from the prestigious Songwriters Program at Berklee College of Music, her songs are a refreshed take on the Laurel Canyon/California sound that helped shape the sounds of 60’s and 70’s.

“Even If” was born from one of my best friends sitting in the passenger seat of my car saying “I hope she rocks his whole world,” says Jordan on the inspiration for the new song. “She was mad at herself for still wanting the boy who broke her heart to be happy. And it got me on this train of thought about the love you have for someone outweighing the heartbreak. So, this is what I call my ‘reverse heartbreak’ song. Where you’re mad/sad/all the above but at the end of the day you just want that person to be happy because you still love them it just sucks they weren’t happy with you.

An over thinker by nature, Jordan’s music tends to delve into her inner workings and journey of self-discovery. Always open to the endless combinations of genres, she likes her writing world to be free of boundaries. But the one thing she never waivers on is keeping things honest. The best music comes from truths (and maybe that’s the secret behind a hit).

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