PHOTOS: Chet Faker in Boston, MA (09.09.22)

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PHOTOS: Chet Faker in Boston, MA (09.09.22)

Editor’s note: With the series of events that has taken place over the last few years, you could be forgiven if you missed the update that the artist formerly known as Chet Faker, is once again known as Chet Faker. After releasing a pair of records under his legal moniker Nick Murphy, he returned to the nom de plume for his fourth studio album, Hotel Surrender, released last July. Back in the States and in New England, Faker played the second show of his US leg of tour dates on Friday night. Nate Rocco was in the photo pit for the gig and has some visuals to share with us all. Check them out below.

Listen to Chet Faker’s new studio album Hotel Surrender – HERE.

Photos: Chet Faker at House of Blues in Boston, MA on September 9th, 2022:

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